About Crystal Studios

Crystal Studios is a united organization that help people's living & relaxing & researching.
Feel free to use our services :-)


Crystal Computer Studio

Crystal Computer Studio is the core of Crystal Studios. Why we built this community is to provide a place for youngsters, especially talented students, to discuss trending technologies, and to practice them via coding in person.

Crystal Web Service

Crystal Web Service is the web service of Crystal Studios. This department maintains servers and websites for Crystal Studios. It is attached to Crystal Computer Studio.


There is a place where students in AMSJXNU can discuss and learn CS together.


Vast-Light Studio (Vast-Light World)

An unofficial Minecraft servers alliance with VLW and CCS. Out-of-game experience is developed by TURX. The game is copyrighted by Mojang A.B.

Adament Commune

A commune which researches Japanese anime and physics.


A student organization which is mainly focusing on IoT development.

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